September 23, 2007

here i am

Let's see...
Today I wanted to make a blog. Here are the steps that I took:

1. I googled blog to see what services provided a nice blog. I got, and another one that i don't remember, and the omnipresent wikipedia entry in the top results.
2. I checked the external links and I got a (outdated) comparison chart among blog services, an interesting "legal guide for bloggers" that I sparely read.
3. I choose which proved good because I like the interface and, more importantly, I have already a Google profile, so I didnt have to make a new registration (which i HATE).
4. I choose a profile I liked and I changed some font and option here and there.
5. Then I wrote this first post.

I think that's all.

Now I can start writing something useful (perhaps), or just ranting openly.



Anonymous said...

Aww.. you have a blog! Congrats and I look forward in reading some EXCITING STUFF from you :-D! Baci

Telstar said...

Thank you, Massimo.